Global X Logistics J-REIT ETF


The Global X Logistics J-REIT ETF aims to invest in J-REITs that invests in logistic facilities.


The Global X Logistics J-REIT ETF seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Logistic Focus Index.

Why Global X Logistics J-REIT ETF?

High Growth Potential

The Global X Logistics J-REIT ETF provides investment opportunities for high growth potential through J-REITs involved in logistic facilities.

Unconstrained Approach

The Global X Logistics J-REIT ETF enables investors to invest in J-REITs focused on logistic facilities.

ETF Efficiency

The Global X Logistics J-REIT ETF enables investors to access to multiple thematic J-REITs in a single transaction.

FUND DETAILS As of 1/25/2022

Key Facts

Securities Code 2565
ISIN JP3049060001
Index Ticker TSERLF
Benchmark Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Logistics Focus Index
Trading Currency Japanese Yen
Inception Date 2020/8/25
Record Date 24th in February, April, June, August, October, and December
Trading Unit 1
NAV per [#] share(s) 100
Trustee Bank Mizuho Trust & Banking
Exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange
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Stats & Fees

Net Assets ¥16,067,221,529
NAV ¥113,014
Management Fee 0.3025%(0.275% tax excluded)※

Distribution Information

Latest Distribution ¥300
Last Closing Date 12/24/2021
※As of 3/18/2021 0.3025% per annum after tax (0.275% tax excluded)

FUND PRICES As of 1/25/2022

Net Asset Value ¥113,014
Daily Change ¥71 0.06%


Cumulative %

Data as of month end (1/25/2022)

1 Month -9.89%
3 Months -5.20%
6 Months -5.37%
Since Inception 7.30%

Distributing Companies (AUTHORIZED PARTICIPANTS)

You can trade at securities companies nationwide. The designated participants are as follows

Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.
ABN AMRO Clearing Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd.
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.
BNP Paribas Securities (Japan) Limited
Goldman Sachs Japan Co. Ltd.
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
JPMorgan Securities


The Application flow for Creation & Redemption is as follows.

Application for creation Basket indication Fixing number of units
Application period for creation Acceptance of creation application Settlement
Redemption request Period for Redemption requetst Acceptance of redemption request Settlement
Provisional basket indication Fixing the basket Fixing number of stocks to be delivered

The basket will not be indicated in case creation/redemption request acceptance counter is closed.

Application/exchange acceptance stop date, application acceptance date for applications with issues subject to financial acceptance

GXJ ETF reception calendar(2022/01/04)

Stocks subject to monetary acceptance are stocks for which money is applied for the amount equivalent to the evaluation value of ex-dividend and ex-rights stocks. Please refer to the basket that we disclose separately for specific brands. Business days that are blank on the calendar are normal application acceptance days.

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